We’re here to help you throughout your Apprenticeship and trade career. The following ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ is provided as a guide only. For information on the Kincrome Apprenticeship Program please contact Kincrome Customer Service on 1300 657 528.


Do you offer Apprentice specific products or specials?

Yes we have a comprehensive Apprentice program called “Tools for Life”.
This includes 25 Brand New Tool kits which all come with bonus products via online redemption. All Tool kits and offers can be viewed in the catalogue below.

Click the link for Tools for Life 2022 Catalogue: Here

Click the link for more Details about the program:

How do I claim my ‘Tools For Life’ Bonus Items?

To claim the Bonus products that comes with the purchased Tool kit, an online redemption form needs to be completed including the required documentation. This is the ONLY way to redeem the Bonus product. 

What do I need to claim my ‘Tools for Life’ Bonus Items?

You will need a copy of your Tax Receipt or Invoice from your tool supplier for ‘proof of purchase’ to claim your redemption. You will also need to include a copy of identification of your TAFE/MTA college enrolments letter/form, ID card or letter from your institution or employer stating your Name, ID Number, Start Date and confirmation that you are a current apprentice. Once received, this information will be assessed and redemption Bonus Item(s) will be dispatched to either the place of purchase of the Tool kit OR a 9am-5pm Business Address ONLY.

All redemption items are available for Apprentices only. You can upload a copy of your ‘proof of apprenticeship’ via the Online Form.

If I am not an Apprentice can I still purchase a ‘Tools for Life’ Tool Kit?

Yes, but you cannot claim the ‘Tools for Life’ Bonus Items that comes with the Tool kit.

How does the Australian Government ’Trade Support Loans’ work?

‘Trade Support Loans’ is a program run by the Australian Government, Kincrome does not provide the ‘Trade Support Loans.’ For more information please visit the ‘Australian Government Loans’ page.

How does the Kincrome Payment Plan program work?

The Kincrome Payment Plan program is provided by Morris Finance.

For more information please visit the Payment Plan page: https://www.kincrome.com.au/payment-plan.

Is Kincrome providing the Finance?

No. The Finance is being negotiated through Morris. Any queries regarding applications or repayments should be directed to Morris on Ph: 1300 4 MORRIS.

How long does the Tools for Life Apprentice 2022 Program run for?

The 2022 Tools For Life Program runs from the 1st March 2022 until 31st December 2022, and then a new Tools for Life program will take place.

Can I get my Bonus redemption product at the same time?

No, The Tool kit needs to be purchased first. Once purchased you need to go online to https://www.kincrome.com.au/tfl and simply fill in the form to receive the bonus items as this is done through Kincrome and not the place of purchase. Once filled in we will work to get you your Bonus products as soon as possible.

Where can I get the Bonus items sent too?

You can have a choice on where you would like the bonus items sent to, this includes the place of purchase of the Tool kit OR a 9am-5pm Business Address. Bonus items will NOT be sent to personal addresses for security and safety reasons.

Can I change the bonus item?

The simple answer is No. The Bonus offers are individual to each Tool kit offered throughout the Tools for Life Program.

Unsure about what Kit best suits your job OR need help in choosing a Kit?

We’d love to help you out and get you started with the right Tool kit and Tools for the job, Please give us a call on 1300 657 528 and let’s chat!

How do I find out information about my Loan Finance?

Kincrome is not providing the Finance and so any queries regarding an application or payment should be directed straight to Morris on 1300 4 MORRIS.

Where can I get my apprenticeship number?

You can find your apprenticeship numbers through contacting your TAFE / MTA or by using some of the following resources:



Can my employer buy the Tool kit for me and I redeem the bonus items?

Yes, you can do this. As long as you are an apprentice and fill in the online form with all relevant fields to qualify for it i.e. Proof of purchase and proof of apprenticeship with all relevant required information.

Can I use a letter from my employer for proof of Apprenticeship?

Yes, you can use a letter from your employer to qualify for the Tools for Life Apprenticeship Program as long as it covers the criteria and relevant information needed to qualify for the Bonus products.