We’re here to help you throughout your Apprenticeship and trade career. The following ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ is provided as a guide only. For information on the Kincrome ’Tools For Life!’* Program please contact Kincrome Customer Service on 1300 657 528.


Do you offer Apprentice specific products or specials?
Visit the ‘Apprentice Tool Kits’ page for the latest Apprentice offers and catalogue activity.

How do I claim my ‘Tools For Life’ Bonus Items?
Complete the online ‘Tool For Life’ Redemption Form or the form on the back of the Tools For Life catalogue. Complete all criteria including the required documentation.

What do I need to claim my ‘Tools For Life’ Bonus Items?
You will need a copy of your Tax Receipt or Invoice from your tool supplier for ‘proof of purchase’ to claim your redemption. You will also need to include a copy of identification of your TAFE/MTA college enrolements letter/form, ID card or letter from your institution or employer stating your Name, ID Number, Start Date and confirmation that you are a current apprentice. Once received, this information will be assessed and redemption Bonus Item(s) will be dispatched to either the distributor or the end user directly. All redemption items are available for Apprentices only. You can upload a copy of your ‘proof of apprenticeship’ via the Online Form.

If I am not an Apprentice can I still purchase a ‘Tools For Life’ Tool Kit?
Yes but you can not claim the ‘Tools For Life’ Bonus Items.

How does the Australian Government ’Trade Support Loans’ work?
‘Trade Support Loans’ is a program run by the Australian Government, Kincrome does not provide the ‘Trade Support Loans.’ For more information please visit the ‘Australian Government Loans’ page.

How does the Kincrome Payment Plan program work?
The Kincrome Payment Plan program is provided by Quantum Business Finance. For more information please visit the Payment Plan FAQ page or to apply please visit the Payment Plan Application page.

* Lifetime may vary from product to product and is subject to the proper use of the product.