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New Look Website!

New Look Website

The KINCROME GROUP is proud to release its updated website for 2009. We have continued with the same 'look and feel' to give the same familiarity to those whom use our website on a regular basis, however we have added more new and innovative features for 2009.

New website features include:
• Revitalised front page
• Product Guide and Product Guide Supplements
• Videos
• Newsletters
• Press Releases
• Promotions


The first change you will notice is we have revitalised the front page to give users easier access to information upon entering the site.


The Product section of the website now includes an online Product Guide users can flip through online page-by-page. Users can also download a PDF of the Product Guide or by each product category. Throughout the year, this section of the website will be updated to include new products & merchandisers released in 2009.


The Video section is a new and exciting addition to the website. Here you will find product demonstrations, presentations, tips and assorted information on products distributed by the KINCROME GROUP.


The KINCROME GROUP is pleased to announce we will be introducing a regular email Newsletter to keep end-users and retailers up-to-date with all the latest Products, News, Promotions and other information from the KINCROME GROUP. To sign-up all users need to do is visit the Newsletter section in the News section and fill out their details to receive the email Newsletter.


In the News section of the website, we have also introduced a page for the media to access our Press Releases for editorial.


The Promotions section of the website is where you can find all the latest information on the promotions we are currently running. Users can flip through each catalogue online or download a PDF of the promotion and find a participating store simply by visiting the Distributor Locator.

The KINCROME GROUP is pleased to introduce these new and exciting changes to our website for 2009 and we look forward to keeping our customers and retailers up-to-date with the latest information through our Newsletters. We trust you will enjoy these changes and we look forward to developing the website throughout the year.