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Kincrome Releases The Kincrome Handbook Product Guide for 2014

Product Guide 2014 Autumn Winter

Kincrome is proud to release the second edition of our Handbook Product Guide for 2014. In an industry first for the Australian market, Kincrome have developed a practical hand-held Product Guide, an ideal resource for all your tool and equipment needs.

Finally our industry, distributors and our customers will have an easy to read and very handy catalogue of quality products from brands they can trust at their disposal from which they can research and select their purchase.

We at Kincrome envisage the new product guide will become the Tool Bible for all tradies, found in the back pockets of overalls, on the dashboards of utes and on the lunch room tables of workshops, dealerships and independent resellers in all points of our wonderful wide brown land!

The new Product Guide features the latest products released over the past 6 months, new graphics, a colour coded thumb strip, QR codes for all product sections so you can view our ranges on your smart phone and notes pages at the back of the product guide.

In another industry first, The Kincrome 2014 Handbook Product Guide includes updated recommended retail pricing (RRP’s) on all our products, across all our brands.

Finally, with the range of quality products in all of our brands continuing to grow each year, never has there been a quality publication such as our very own product guide that can now be placed into the hands of tradies and DIY persons everywhere.

Kincrome Tools & Equipment continue to lead the market with our innovation, the second edition of the Kincrome 2014 Handbook Product Guide is our finest example and is expected to continue to be the benchmark for everyone in our industry.

To view or download a copy of the second 2014 Handbook Product Guide click here.