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KINCROME is very proud to announce we are participating in the VARIETY BASH for 2015!

The KINCROME Variety Bash car #454 is a 1987 BMW 735i with approximately 175,000KM’s on the clock, not bad for a 28 year old car! The Victorian Variety Bash will travel approximately 4,000KM’s from Melbourne to Port Douglas via Cook Town from 12 – 22 August 2015.

'Wal', ‘Burger' & 'Captain Towball' will crew the KINCROME Car #454 and participate in the 2015 Variety Bash, raising funds for Variety – the Children’s Charity which supports children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs. The annual road event involving outrageously themed cars and crew is a fun and entertaining event which celebrate the year of fundraising that all entrants have achieved.

How Can You Be Involved?
Follow us on Facebook as we travel from the south to the north of Australia, see our travel blog and look for opportunities to win some prizes as we travel through your local town or city and don’t forget you can always sponsor or donate (BASH CAR “454”).

Variety Bash, raising funds for Variety - the Children’s Charity
Variety is a nationwide and worldwide charity which to date has delivered over $180 million net to Australian children who are disadvantaged or have special. Variety’s largest fundraising event is the Variety Bash, an iconic annual Australian motoring event which involves outrageously themed cars participating in a fun-filled adventure through outback Australia.

Variety Bash Car Budget
While we appreciate the fantastic support a sponsor provides, entrants in the Variety Bash are responsible for payment of their accommodation, refreshments, fuel costs, mechanical repairs and all out of pocket expenses. Any sponsorships or donations are NOT be used for these expenses.

Leaving Melbourne the 2015 the Bash winds its way through the historic Central West regions of NSW to Coonabarabran, which is known as the astronomy capital of Australia. Moving into southern QLD the Bash will get a taste of everything from riverbeds full of birdlife to the dry cattle grazing regions rich in dinosaur fossils. Getting further north we stop at the outback oasis of Cobbold Gorge before cursing through Cook town and finishing up in Port Douglas.

The Car
The idea sounded good when we bought the car not now we have to modify it!

The car is a 1987 BMW 735i approximately 175,000KM’s on the clock.

To Sponsor or Donate
If you would like to sponsor the Kincrome team or donate to this worthy cause please visit Variety Donation and log for BASH CAR “454”

Stay Up To Date
Keep up with all Variety Bash information and latest news online at VARIETY and follow daily updates via Variety’s Facebook page and tune in to Kincrome’s Facebook page for all the latest updates.

Variety Bash
Variety Bash
Variety Bash
Variety Bash
Variety Bash