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Are you starting your Apprenticeship?

OR are you a second, third or fourth year apprentice looking to upgrade or expand your existing range of tools?

KINCROME is proud to release the 'TOOLS FOR LIFE Trade Apprenticeship Program’ to help support apprentices throughout their apprenticeship and careers.

The KINCROME 'TOOLS FOR LIFE Trade Apprenticeship Program’ offers Apprentices a wide range of tool choice from beginner to advanced levels. Whether you are looking for a basic kit to start of a trade apprenticeship or one to carry through you Apprenticeship and career, KINCROME offers apprentices support with a range of Professional quality Tool Kits the trade know and trust.

The KINCROME 'TOOLS FOR LIFE Trade Apprenticeship Program’ includes a range of products and BONUS ITEMS via redemption including two ’NEW' products such as the massive CONTOUR 60 Tool Trolley Kit with two 8 Drawer Tool Chests on page 7.

Apprentices may also be eligible to apply for the Australian Government funded ‘Trade Support Loans up to $20,000. For more information pick up a ‘TOOLS FOR LIFE!’ Trade Apprenticeship Program catalogue from you nearest participating distributor.

How To Redeem

To be eligible to redeem a Bonus Item you must complete the Redemption Form and meet the criteria provided.

Please note this offer is available to Apprentices ONLY and Terms & Conditions apply.

To view the catalogue online visit: