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5 Tech Tools That Make Tax Easy

From searching for receipts to chasing up overdue invoices, the end of financial year brings with it a sea of unwelcome admin. Like any job, finding the right tools can be half the battle. It might be too late to do the heavy lifting this year, but these handy apps can help you be better organised for tax time in the future.


When used right, this powerful app can handle huge amounts of the admin tasks required at tax time. It gives you the ability to create, and store professional invoices. Expenses can then be paired with the invoices you create, allowing you to easily track and organise expenses and attribute them to the job. When tax time comes, this makes it easier to attribute your claims.

Debtor Daddy

Let’s be honest, the name is a little dodgy. Luckily this app offers a service useful enough that we can look past it. No one likes chasing clients up in regards to outstanding invoices and trying to finalise your accounts receivable for the end of financial year can be a nightmare.

Debtor Daddy is an automated receivables management app that tracks overdue invoices and issues automated reminders on your behalf. That means less awkward follow up phone calls, and more money coming in.


For businesses that have trouble tracking expenses or tradies who often have to travel for work, Expensify makes it easy to track your spending. Link your credit card to the app or take pictures of your receipts and upload them and Expensify will extract the relevant information.


Let’s face it, tradies are famous for many things, but being organised might not always be second nature. Tradify is an easy to use, custom-built platform to help tradies manage their workflows, quoting, material expenses and invoicing. Tracking and organizing your expenses and invoices throughout the year makes them easier to find and use at tax time.


Finally, for the organised tradie who is truly DIY in all respects, MyTax allows you to lodge your tax return yourself from your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

There are a variety of free and paid apps designed specifically to help sole-traders, tradies and small businesses organise themselves for tax time. Explore our suggestions and test out some others to find the right digital tools for your business needs.


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