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Top five Secret Santa Gifts for all Budgets


Top five Secret Santa Gifts for all Budgets

Can you hear that? No? That’s because it’s the deafening sound of Christmas rapidly approaching. With that in mind, it’s time to stop being such a spanner and get your finger out, so that this year you can give some gifts that keep giving.

Gifts For Under $24.95
If your budget is tighter than a duck’s you know what, then why not start here with some of these gift suggestions.

Self-cut Cable Ties
Give a mate the gift of time with Kincrome self-cut cable ties. With these bad boys, there’s no need to cut away the excess. Simply twist and go. They’ll thank you later.

XTENDA Tape Measure 8 Metre
Yes, that’s right. This is not just any tape measure. It’s a Kincrome tape measure. And that means it’s designed to exacting professional standards with features that make life easier and more efficient. This is a gift that truly measures up.

LOK-ON™ Magnetic Bottle Opener
There’s nothing better than cracking a cold one on a Friday after a hard day’s graft. This gift is an essential addition to any toolbox and is the perfect companion for cracking cold ones on a Friday afternoon – or any time, for that matter.

Gifts Up To $99
If your budget extends beyond an apprentice’s wage, then why not try either of these beauties that are guaranteed to please your pal.

Workshop Creeper Seat 2 Drawer
We all know at least one creeper at work. And this is just the gift to give them. This thing moves so smoothly, they’ll be sliding around corners like the Jamaican bobsleigh team. With a foam seat for added comfort and storage for three tinnies, you’ll probably want one too.

LED Inspection Light
This thing packs so much power, you could probably use it as a sunbed. Okay, that’s a lie. But this is one handy tool. With tough, durable design and the power of 400 Lumens – the LED Inspection Light has the power to illuminate any space – no matter where you’re working.

For gifts that keep on giving, buy Kincrome this Christmas.