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Help Us Raise $20,000 for Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue

KINCROME is very pleased to announce we have become sponsor and partnered with the very worthwhile organisation beyondblue.

The partnership between Kincrome and beyondblue will commence from July 1st and will be a feature in our July/August "Fathers' Day" Tool sale catalogue titled "MAKE YOUR FATHERS DAY."

The front page of the 'Make Fathers Day' catalogue features the headline 'Help Us Raise 20,000 for beyondblue"! Kincrome will be donating a percentage of sales of one of our best selling spanner sets and socket sets to beyondblue. The sale of these particular products will help Kincrome support beyondblue in their mission to achieve an Australian community that understands depression and anxiety, and empowers all Australians, at any life stage, to seek help.

Kincrome is proud to support beyondblue by contributing $10 from every 30 Piece Combination Spanner Set (Part No. K3030) and 40 Piece Socket Set (Part No. 13425P).

The partnership between Kincrome and beyondblue is a long term strategy for the Kincrome family, and we will see many more dedicated initiatives in the future to help the beyondblue message.

beyondblue is dedicated to reducing the impact of depression and anxiety on individuals, families, carers and society as a whole.

beyondblue's key messages about depression and anxiety are:

• Depression and anxiety are common and treatable
• Help is available and it's important to seek help early – the sooner the better
• Depression and anxiety disorders are illnesses, not weaknesses, and people shouldn't feel ashamed to seek help
• By talking about depression and anxiety, we can help raise awareness and reduce the stigma
• If you think you may be depressed or you know someone who is showing signs of depression or anxiety, talk about it and seek help from a doctor or other health professional
• To find out more about the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety, available treatments and where to go for help, visit or contact the beyondblue info line at