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How to Remove a Drawer from a Kincrome Tool Chest or Trolley

There are many reasons why you may want to remove a drawer from a Kincrome Tool Chest or Trolley. You may have already tried to remove a drawer unsuccessfully, but doing so is actually easy and straightforward. Read the following and then check out the video below.

Step 1

Pull the drawer out until it locks out. Please note, some select models feature a secure lock locking-system. This needs to be unlatched before the drawer can be opened.

Step 2

On each side of the drawer, there is a clip that locks the drawer in place. Press down one side of the clip while pushing up the other. Please note, if the tip of the clip points up, then you need to push up. If the clip points down, then you need to push down. 


Step 3

While holding the clips, pull the drawer until it is completely removed from the slides.


Step 4

To put the drawer back in place, align the rails on the side of the tray with the slides and push in. Please note, if the railings are properly aligned but the tray is not fully inserted into place, gently pull then push the tray back and forth until it is fully secured.


Check out the video demonstration here: