Our brands offer a broad range of products which enable us to participate in all the available market segments.

'KINCROME Professional Quality Tools®' is our superior brand in terms of strength, durability and quality. 'SUPATOOL®' is our 'do it yourself' brand, providing the appropriate durability to use on a range of DIY projects.

Our brands cater for the trade professional, speciality, home and DIY markets. Our product range is primarily directed to the home and workshop customer and perceived as the leading VALUE FOR MONEY tools in Australia.

Our products are sourced to meet the world's best specifications and standards and we simply don't accept second best.

All of our products provide our customers with the security of our 'Guarantees' against faulty workmanship and materials.

All of our products are packaged (designed by us) for maximum awareness and impact at store level. We are regarded as the best 'presented' merchandise by our customers.

Kincrome Australia Pty Ltd is the exclusive distributor of LISLE® in Australia

KINCROME Professional Quality Tools®

'KINCROME Professional Quality Tools®' stands at what is the pinnacle of quality toolmanship.

'KINCROME's®' diversity and quality of tools is simply the best within the tool market. No other brand is superior in quality, strength or durability.

This commitment to excellence is why 'KINCROME Professional Quality Tools®' is the market leader in quality.

You Deserve The Best!


SUPATOOL PREMIUM® offers real performance, unreal value. Tools that have been crafted to meet the needs of experienced DIY-ers and tradies.

With a modern day design, SUPATOOL PREMIUM® is a popular choice for any serious DIY-er needing a better class of tool for home, office or trade.


'SUPATOOL®' tools are ideal for Work OR at Home.

SUPATOOL's diverse product range and quality means it is easy for the 'Do It Yourself' person to achieve any project around the house, yet equally durable to use on any trade related Hardware, Industrial or Automotive job.

No Other Brand Gives You A Premium Choice!


The 'FINKAL' range of quality punches are aimed at the Industrial and Hardware markets. The 'FINKAL' range offers the Tradesman and 'Do It Yourself' person quality, range and value.

'FINKAL' is the market leader in professional quality, manufactured to specific specifications and standards, the range of 'FINKAL' products are ideal for a wide variety of uses.

Australia's No. 1 Punch!


Celebrating over 100 years, the family owned and operated 'LISLE' was founded in 1903 with the majority of its products still manufactured, in the United States.

'LISLE' specialty automotive tools are specifically designed for the trade and automotive market. 'LISLE's' range of specialty automotive tools, mechanics creepers and lubrication & tyre products offer mechanics and serious motoring enthusiasts a range of quality tools designed for specific purposes. With over 400 products available 'LISLE' is the preferred brand in the trade.

Kincrome Australia Pty Ltd is the exclusive distributor of LISLE in Australia


With 'KATANA', you hold the power.

DIY jobs can be time consuming and sometimes challenging, that’s why 'KATANA's' aim is to turn anyone into a serious DIYer. Our range of cordless power tools allows you to tackle any job easier, without the hassle of juggling a cord around or worrying about a power supply.

With our growing range of household and garden tools, combined with accessories, batteries and chargers, you’ll be able to tackle any project with more confidence.