POWER PAK™ Plus Multi-Function Jump Starter Lithium-Ion

Part No. KP1404

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The KINCROME POWER PAK™ PLUS Multi-Function Jump Starter is very similar to the KINCROME POWER PAK™, however the PLUS makes it bigger and better!

Holding almost twice as much power as the base POWER PAK™, the KINCROME POWER PAK™ PLUS allows you to jump start larger vehicles, power your devices for longer, or give a significantly larger number of jump starts between recharges! The POWER PAK™ PLUS features the same great accessories allowing the user to charge their mobile devices, power their small 12V accessories, recharge laptops, jumpstart vehicles etc.

The POWER PAK™ PLUS is capable of jump starting up to V8 vehicles, both petrol and diesel, with a maximum cold crank amp output of 600A! 
The KINCROME POWER PAK™ PLUS features the NEW “Intelli-check” jumper leads! The “Intelli-check” jumper leads provide the following additional features compared to the original standard jumper cables.

• Reverse Polarity Protection will protect the jump starter when the jumper cables are connected incorrectly.
• Anti-Recharge protection will stop the vehicles alternator from trying to recharge the jump starter.
• Short Circuit Protection protects the internal components from damage.
• Over Discharge Protection will stop the jump starter from dropping below required voltage.
• Surge Protection will protect the vehicles electronic components during use.

The KINCROME POWER PAK™ PLUS Multi-Function Jump Starter is ideal for jump starting vehicles and charging electronic devices when required. The KINCROME POWER PAK™ PLUS Multi Function Jump Starter can start up to 8 Cylinder Petrol and Diesel engine vehicles, motorcycles, small boats, jet ski’s and ride-on mowers (up to 600CCA). 

A great feature of the POWER PAK™ PLUS Multi-Function Jump Starter is it also includes various outputs to recharge a range of electronic devices including mobile phones, Tablets, PC computer, PSP, MP3/MP4,12V Air Pump and includes a high intensity LED light to see under the bonnet or strobe and SOS feature for the unexpected emergency.

The POWER PAK™ PLUS can be charged via a 240V AC wall charger or a 12V DC adaptor allowing you to charge it from the car, making it easy to charge where ever you are! 

The KP1404 Power Pak Plus also comes in its own carry pouch, keeping all the accessories together, and holding everything in place so nothing gets lost or is ideal when storing in the glove box when not in use!

Featuring Lithium-Ion Technology, the battery holds approx. 80% shelf charge for up to 6 months and is able to be recharged with the included 240V or 12V vehicle chargers.

The POWER PAK™ PLUS Multi-Function Jump Starter gives up to *50 starts per recharge, enabling multiple restarts without recharging. (* Jump Qty varies depending on the vehicles starting requirements)
• Lithium Ion Technology- holds 80% shelf charge for up to 6 months
• 66.6 Wh (3 X 6,100mAh Lithium Ion Battery Cells) - High Wh capacity provides multiple starts
• Up To 50 Starts Per Recharge- Enables multiple restarts without recharging
• Surge Protected Cables- Provides added protection for your vehicles electronic equipment
• Includes Intelli-Check Cables- For even more added protection of your vehicles electrical components: Reverse Polarity / Anti re-charge / Short Circuit / Over Discharge 
• Multi-Purpose Device Charger- Charge Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops & Other USB Devices 
• 600Amp Peak Current- Jumpstart up to 8Cyl Petrol and Diesel Vehicles or vehicles with a battery CCA (Cold Crank Amp) rating of 600CCA or less
• LED Safety Light, Flash, SOS- provides a safe working environment when using the product at night
• 240V & 12V Chargers- Charge at home or when on the go
• <1000 Cycles- Provides longevity of the jump starter
• Carry Pouch- Retain the POWER PAK PLUS, accessory adaptors, chargers, cables together when not in use
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Technical Specifications
Battery Capacity 66.6 Wh
Battery Cells 3
Input 14V 1A
Output 5V/1A ? Mobile Phones, iPod
Output 5V/2A - iPad, Tablet, PC, PSP, MP3/MP4
Output 12V/10A - Air Pump, Personal Electronic Devices, etc
Output 19V/3.5A - Laptop, PC
Starting Current 300A
Peak Current 600A
Lifetime <1000 Cycles
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C (4°F ~ 140°F)
Jump Start 12V Petrol & Diesel vehicles up to V8
Starting Ability <50 Starts Per Charge
LED Light Light, Strobe, Emergency SOS
Contents 14 Accessories, 1 Carry Pouch, 1 x Jump Starter

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