Kickstart II Batteryless Jump Starter 12 & 24 Volt

Part No. KP8003

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Kincrome's new Kickstart II range of Batteryless Jump Starters have just arrived. Featuring ultra-capacitor technology, these jump starters are maintenance free meaning they have no internal battery, so they never need to be charged during storage. The KP8003 Batteryless Jump Starter features a unique dual voltage system allowing you to charge 12V & 24V Vehicles. The KP8003 features 12V 500A start & 1000A Peak, or 24V 800A Start & 1600A Peak Cranking capacity and a Glow Plug mode allowing the starter to be used on both Petrol & cold starting Diesel vehicles. There is included Short Circuit & Reverse Polarity Protection keeping your vehicles electrical components safe during operation. The KP8003 features a cranking current of 12V 500A & 24V 800A, it is suitable for warm Petrol Vehicles up to 5.5L and Diesels up to 7.0L. Another feature to the Kincrome Kickstart II is the built in LED showing the vehicles battery voltage. Another great feature of the larger unit is its heavy duty carry case, providing protection for the jump started

The Kincrome KP8003 Kickstart II 12V/24V Batteryless Jumpstarter is the perfect addition for all large vehicle battery emergency. Ideal for large vehicles such as large 4x4, bus, truck & farm equipment.
• Jump starts both 12V & 24V petrol & diesel vehicles, trucks, tractors and earthmoving equipment
• Jump start up 500CCA 12V petrol or up to 800CCA 24V diesel engine vehicles
• Built in voltage meter, displays the vehicles battery voltage and precharge details
• Ideal for emergencies, ready to get you going anywhere/anytime
• Heavy duty carry case
• 10,000+ Starts
• Recharge via 12 volt battery in approximately 1.5 minutes
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Technical Specifications
Starting Current 12V DC - 500A
Peak Current 12V DC - 1000A
Starting Current 24V DC - 800A
Peak Current 24V DC - 1600A
Lifetime >10,000 Cycles
Ambient Operating Temperature -40C ~ 65C (-40F ~ 149F)
Measurements 225 x 291 x 90MM
Weight 3.52KG
Consecutive Cranking 3 Sessions (max)
Interval Between Cranking 20 Minutes (min)
Recharge Approx. 1.5 min (via 12V DC Battery)
Recharge Approx. 2 min (via 24V DC Battery)

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