12 Month Protection Plan Registration



  1. Your KINCROME Tool Kit includes a FREE 12 Month Protection Plan for total replacement with a new KINCROME Tool Kit of the same or equivalent model. *THEFT: Subject to the forcible and violent entry into securely locked premises and or vehicle.
  2. Cover will only be effected upon receipt of this registration card by Kincrome Australia Pty. Ltd.
  3. This Free Protection Plan is valid for 12 Months from the date of receipt of this registration by Kincrome Australia Pty. Ltd. Claims must be notified immediately as late notification may cause denial of liability in some cases.
  4. An Excess Fee applies to all claims. See below for the current Excess Fees.
  5. Please retain your receipt for proof of purchase. An original copy of your receipt MUST accompany and future claim unless you have uploaded a copy in the proof of purchase section of this form.

KINCROME Excess Fees Breakdown

RRP Range Minimum RRP Range Maximum Excess
$1,000 $4,000 $500
$4,001 $7,500 $750
$7,501 $10,000 $1,000
$10,001 $16,000 $1,500


Thank you for purchasing this quality Kincrome Tool Kit. Kincrome welcomes you to enjoy the exclusive 12 Month Protection Plan.

MAKING A CLAIM (Please Read Clearly)

  1. In the event of loss through theft* you must ensure that the police are notified and a report is prepared. All claims must be accompanied by a Police Report in order to be recognised.
  2. Notify the Claims Department, Kincrome Australia Pty. Ltd., PO Box 135, Ferntree Gully, VIC 3156 in writing within 48 hours of the theft which is the subject of this claim.
  3. Submit with your claim the following - Police Report - Details of full circumstances leading to the claim - An original copy of your receipt if not submitted as part of this application.
  4. After acceptance of this claim, you will be notified to pay an Excess Fee prior to the release of your Tool Kit. Once Kincrome Australia Pty. Ltd. receives the excess fee your replacement Tool Kit will be available for collection from Kincrome Australia Pty. Ltd. Unless arranged at the time of the original claim.