About Us

Corporate Profile

In a short period of time we have come a long way

Our business commenced in 1987 as a privately owned company and remains that way today. Initially as a supplier into the automotive aftermarket industry, Kincrome now has a broad spread of Trade & Retail customers within the Automotive, Industrial and Hardware markets.

We have remained committed to these markets and our aim is to continue to focus on these markets, developing our own brand strategy. We believe in our brands and are committed to developing our brands through focusing on our core range of products, category management and a supporting Marketing Plan.

Key Facts

We know the tool business inside out.

  • We are one of the market leaders in the Trade and Retail sector across the Automotive, Industrial and Hardware markets.
  • The hand tool and automotive accessory markets have grown by an average of 2-3% per year which has assisted our growth, but our strong focus on product initiatives and core range developments that cater to market demands, have contributed to our exponential growth.
  • We are committed and focused on our core business areas - and have built a team with vast experience in these areas to service all of these markets. We are dedicated to providing excellence in service and support through Sales & Customer Service, Warehouse and Logistics and Marketing.

What we offer

Total Service - We're In Touch With Our Customers

We offer the total service experience:

  • 4 strategically located warehouses throughout Australia and distribution in New Zealand with our full product range Customer service and support.
  • Full time dedicated field staff, which is continually in touch with our major customers.
  • A national call centre, which receives orders and satisfies customer requirements immediately.
  • We dispatch orders timely and accurately with a high level order fill

Sales Support

We make our customers business look good

We make sure our customers, satisfy their customers in the following ways:

  • We focus on our core range of products to provide the best selling products across the Automotive, Industrial and Hardware markets.
  • Plan-O-Grams are prepared for all our major customers, to maximize their sales and profit opportunities.
  • Our field service staff makes sure that the core lines are always in stock and presented accordingly.
  • Our Reseller and Distributor network is Australia wide.

Store Promotions

We even promote our customer business

To help maximize the sales potential of every one of our customers, we:

  • Provide full colour promotional catalogues at the most opportune times of the year (Fathers Day, XMAS)
  • Provide full colour product category brochures to better inform end users of all the features and benefits.
  • Provide appropriate in store point of sale material, which compliments the exclusive retail catalogue program.
  • Provide newsletters and training videos to assist customers in using our products.

Future Outlook

We can only get better

We have established an extremely strong base from which to grow our business in the future:

We will continue to look at market opportunities, which are compatible with our core business and core customer base.

We will continue to be flexible - by reacting to current and future market conditions, we will continue to satisfy market demands.

We will continue to be innovative - we will have a strong focus on product development in all our core business areas.

We will be more technology driven - will be more accessible to customers, will make processes easier and will offer greater levels of information sharing.