If you’re looking for quick information on Kincrome and our brands, warranty, purchasing our range, information for apprentices or you have a support question relating to our products and ranges choose from one of the options below to read more on our ‘Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).

Company Information

Who is 'KINCROME Tools & Equipment'?

What other brands does 'KINCROME Tools & Equipment' distribute?

Where are 'KINCROME Professional Quality Tools®' product manufactured?

Does KINCROME design its own products?

Are KINCROME products ethically sourced?

Does KINCROME have a Supplier Code of Conduct?

Does KINCROME have an Online Trading Policy?

What are KINCROME's Terms of Trade?

Warranty Information

How do I return a product for a Warranty Claim?

I have a faulty product not covered under the express warranty however I would like to make a claim?

How do I make a claim for a product covered under KINCROME's express warranties?

What does the exclusive 'KINCROME Lifetime Guarantee' cover and for how long?

Product Features

How does the 'KINCROME 12 Months Protection Plan' work?

Where To Purchase

Can I purchase direct from KINCROME?

Where can I purchase products distributed by KINCROME?

Catalogues & Pricing

What is the pricing featured on this website?

How can I get a copy of the KINCROME Product Guide?


Does KINCROME offer a payment plan?

Can I purchase direct from KINCROME?

Information For Stores

Are you stockist and need support?

How do I purchase a KINCROME product if I live outside of Australia?

Can I have an order or product shipped directly to a consumers address?

What freight company does KINCROME use?

What is the cost of freight?

How can I find my KINCROME representative’s name or contact details?

How can I recover my store Login Password?

How can I apply for a KINCROME Online Account?

Do you offer a online facility for KINCROME stockists?

Kincrome Factory Outlet

What are the KINCROME Factory Outlet hours?

Does the KINCROME Factory Outlet sell all distributed products?

Tools For Life (TFL)

How long does the Tools for Life Apprentice Program run for?

Can I use a letter from my employer for proof of Apprenticeship?

Can my employer buy the Tool Kit for me and I redeem the bonus items?

How do I find out information about my Loan Finance?

Unsure about what Kit best suits your job OR need help in choosing a Kit?

Can I change the Bonus item?

Where can I get the Bonus items sent too?

Can I get my Bonus Redemption product at the same time?

Is KINCROME providing the Finance?

How does the KINCROME Payment Plan program work?

How does the Australian Government ’Trade Support Loans’ work?

If I am not an Apprentice can I still purchase a ‘Tools for Life’ Tool Kit?

What do I need to claim my ‘Tools for Life’ Bonus Items?

How do I claim my ‘Tools For Life’ Bonus Items?

Do you offer Apprentice specific products or specials?

Payment Plan

How does Quantum differ from a bank?

Why should I do business with Quantum?

What will the loan with Quantum allow me to do in future?

What happens if I am unable to make the loan repayments?

What happens if a product I bought using the KINCROME Payment Plan has a warranty issue?

What happens if I want to return the product that I bought using the KINCROME Payment Plan?

Am I required to pay a deposit?

Can I purchase KINCROME products from your website (

Can I purchase non-KINCROME products and finance it through the KINCROME Payment Plan?

Is KINCROME selling tools direct or via a Click and Collect service?

What are the Fees and charges?

What is your interest rate?

Can I make additional payments on my Account?

Are there any Early Payout Penalties?

Can I payout my facility early?

How much can I borrow?

How long does it take to get approved?

Who am I borrowing the money from?

Do I need an ABN to apply?