Small Engine Oil 4 Stroke 1L (SAE 30)

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The Small Engine 4 Stroke Oil is best suited for four stroke lawn mowers and stationary engines like Kincrome Generators & pressure cleaners. It is a monograde SAE Viscosity 30W crankcase oil designed for small petrol and diesel engines requiring an SAE30 monograde oil. It controls oil consumption and deposits and protects against rust, corrosion and wear, leading to longer engine life. Recommended for four stroke petrol engines running on leaded, unleaded or lead replacement petrol, especially Kincrome generators and petrol pressure cleaners. In addition to this, it is recommended this oil be run this oil in the pumps of all pressure cleaners. Use it to top up or refill the pumps in all Kincrome Pressure Cleaners.

The Kincrome range of premium oils have been blended in Australia to suit Kincrome equipment!
• Four Stroke Lawn Mower and Stationary Engine Oil
• Designed for small petrol and diesel engines
• Protects against rust, corrosion and wear
• Leads to longer Engine life
• Recommended for four stroke petrol lawn mower engines running on Leaded, Unleaded or Lead replacement petrol, especially Briggs & Stratton engines
• Meet warranty service requirements for a wide range of modern diesel and petrol engines
• Maximise engine life by controlling deposits and protecting against wear
• Reduces maintenance costs
• Excellent control of oil consumption

• SAE Viscosity: 30
• Briggs & Stratton Service: SE/SF/SG/ SAE 30
• Specific Density at 15ºC (kg/L) 0.894
• Viscosity at 40ºC mm2/s (cSt) 102
• Viscosity at 100ºC mm2/s (cSt) 11.5
• Viscosity Index 100
• Sulphated Ash (%m) 1.5
• Base Number D2896 (mg KOH/g) 10.7
• Base Number D4739 (mg KOH/g) 9.8
• Typical characteristics are only a guide to industry and are not necessarily manufacturing or marketing specifications and do not constitute a legal liability
• Always check manufacturers specifications
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Technical Specifications
SAE Viscosity 30
Size 1 Litre

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