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Low Profile Plastic Creeper Red
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Low Profile Plastic Creeper Yellow
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Low Profile Plastic Creeper Blue
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Fold Up Creeper
Brand Image
Fold Up Creeper Part No: 95002

Headrest for Large Wheel Plastic Creeper

4" Wheel for Plastic Creeper

Black Plastic Creeper
Brand Image
Black Plastic Creeper Part No: 97102

Large Wheel Creeper Blue

Large Wheel Creeper Yellow

Combination Brake Lining Thickness Gauge Set

Large Wheel Creeper Red
Brand Image
Large Wheel Creeper Red Part No: 92032

Magnetic Pick-up Tool Telescopic 115 - 410mm

Spark Plug Gapper Standard Ignitions

Spark Plug Gauge & Gapper Standard / High Energy

Combustion Leak Detector Fluid Diesel 16 FL OZ

Hose Remover Set 4 Piece
Brand Image
Hose Remover Set 4 Piece Part No: 80200

Switch with 4mm Stackable Banana

4mm Female Banana to Alligator Clamp

Red 4mm Banana to 1/4” Female Terminal X2

Green 4mm Banana to 1/4” Male Spade X2

Master Relay & Fused Circuit Test Kit

Yellow 4mm Banana to 2.75mm Male Spade X2

Blue 4mm Banana to 7.75mm Male Spade X2

Black 4mm Banana to Stripped wire end X2

4mm Banana males with inline ATO Fuse

3/8” 4mm Female to 4mm Male Extension X2

Tap Socket Set 8 Piece 1/4 & 3/8" Drive

Tap Socket Set 3 Piece 1/2" Drive

Stud Remover
Brand Image
Stud Remover Part No: 71200

Vacuum Testing / Brake Bleeding Kit

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