Battery Load Tester 6 or 12v <100A

Part No. KP1460

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• Test 6V or 12V batteries, test the charging system, analyze battery condition, test starter motor on your vehicle all with one tool
• Accurate color-coded volt meter with scale from 0 to 16V
• Test standard lead acid vehicle batteries
• 100 Amp load test suitable for testing 12 Volt batteries up to 1000CCA
• 50 Amp load test suitable for testing 6 Volt batteries up to 1000CCA
• Metal case and powder coated surface provides protection of the battery tester
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Technical Specifications
Measurements 315 x 180 x 94MM
Weight 1.09KG
Battery Test Capacity 6VDC or 12VDC Lead Acid Batteries
Load Test Capacity 100Amps @ 12VDC or 50Amps @ 6VDC
Amps Capacity 200 to 1000CCA (Cold Cranking Amps)
Amps Setting 100Amps
Display Meter Analog, 0-16VDC (Max)
Voltage Range 0-16VDC
Accuracy +/- 0.2VDC
Test Cycle 10 Seconds Per Test (Max)

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