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Multi-Function Jump Starter 1200CCA

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The Kincrome Multi-Function Jump Starter is ideal for charging vehicles to electronic devices. The Jump Starter starts up to 8 cyl petrol / diesel vehicles & equipment (up to 1200CCA).. A great feature of the Multi-Function Jump Starter is it also includes various outputs to recharge a range of electronic devices including mobile phones, Tablets, Laptop computers, PSP, MP3/MP4 players or power small devices such as an Air Pump.  The Jump Starter includes an LED light to see under the bonnet or use it when changing a tyre in the dark and an SOS safety illumination feature for use in the event of an unwanted emergency. Now with a heavy duty protective rubber cover that protects your vehicles paint finish or engine components from scratches.

The Multi-Function Jump Starter gives up to 20 starts per recharge, enabling multiple restarts without recharging and includes Surge Protected Intelli-Check Cables, providing added protection for your vehicles electronic equipment.  Includes a compact heavy duty carry pouch to store the accessory adaptors, chargers and cables together and is ideal when storing the jump starter in the glove box or boot of the car.

Please refer to your vehicle user manual for battery capacity information to understand if this product is suitable.

Battery Capacity 4000mAh*4=16000mAh
Input USB-C 15W
Jump Start 12V Petrol & Diesel Vehicles up to V8
LED Light Light, Strobe, Emergency SOS
Lifetime >1,000 Cycles
Operating Temperature -20 - 60°C
Peak Current 1200CCA
Starting Current 500CCA
Warranty 1 Year
Colour Blue / Black
Material Plastic
Length (mm) 176.7
Width (mm) 93.41
Height (mm) 34.50
Weight (kg) 1.15
Jump starts up to 8 cyl petrol & diesel vehicles, motorcycles & equipment up to 1200CCA
Charges phones & other electronic devices
Lithium-ion battery gives up to 50 starts per charge

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