LOK-ON™ Maintenance Redemption Form


Thank you for purchasing your Kincrome LOK-ON™ Socket Set. At Kincrome we pride ourselves on product innovation and offering professional quality products that have been engineered to exceed International standards and manufactured to Kincrome’s specifications.

Without the correct maintenance your LOK-ON™ ratchet is not imperishable, all tools require maintenance, a ratchet consists of many moving components that are subject to natural wear over time and therefore are not covered by the exclusive Kincrome Lifetime Guarantee.

To support those whom purchase a Kincrome LOK-ON™ Socket Set, the 'Kincrome Ratchet Maintenance Kit Redemption*’ offers a Ratchet Maintenance Kit for select LOK-ON™ Socket Set purchases.

Regularly cleaning & maintaining your ratchet will prolong its lifetime, however eventually the internals may need replacing, this ratchet Maintenance kit provides you with all the required components for a ratchet rebuild. For more information on maintaining your Ratchet visit the Care & Maintenance page or visit the Product Manuals page.

To redeem your LOK-ON™ Socket Set purchase please read and complete your details below:

Ratchet Maintenance Card


Purchase any Kincrome LOK-ON™ Socket Set that includes a Ratchet to redeem your Kincrome LOK-ON™ Ratchet Maintenance Kit. Simply follow the below steps to redeem.

To be eligible to receive your ‘Kincrome LOK-ON™ Ratchet Maintenance Kit,’ the following information ‘must’ be complete and attached upon submitting the form.

  • PROOF OF PURCHASE: Attach a copy of your Tax Receipt or Invoice from your authorised Kincrome distributor for proof of purchase in the below attachment area.
  • Redemption is applicable to select Kincrome LOK-ON Socket Sets with Ratchets K2956K2957 & K2958 only.
  • Only one Ratchet Maintenance Kit is redeemable per purchase (For further Maintenance Kits please refer to our Warranty Claim process).
  • Redemption items can only be delivered to a business address.
  • Redemptions valid for 60 days from purchase date on receipt.
  • Allow 2 – 8 weeks for delivery of your redemption.
* The Kincrome Lifetime Warranty does not cover Ratchets that have been affected by normal wear and tear or that have been dented, grooved and broken (Maintenance Kits available separately). The Kincrome LOK-ON Ratchet Maintenance Kit Redemption is offered on LOK-ON Socket Sets ONLY and is not available for individual Ratchet purchases. Redemption is applicable to select Kincrome LOK-ON Socket Sets with Ratchets K2956, K2957 & K2958 only. Only one Ratchet Maintenance Kit is redeemable per purchase. Only Ratchet Maintenance Kits are supplied, the complete Ratchet is not replaced. If your LOK-ON Ratchet requires further warranty claim consumers will need to follow the Kincrome Warranty Claim process. The Kincrome LOK-ON Ratchet Maintenance Kit Redemption is offered in good faith and not transferable for cash or other goods. Redemption offer is valid for 60 days from date of purchase for claim. Allow 2 – 8 weeks for delivery of redemption. Kincrome Australia Pty. Ltd. will do everything possible, within reason to maintain stocks but cannot be responsible for unforeseen shortfalls beyond their control.

Please note: Once you have hit the submit button, scroll to just below the instructions text to see the successful submission confirmation.