Vehicle Positioning Jacks

Ratcheting Vehicle Positioning Jacks - 5 Piece

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The Kincrome Vehicle Positioning Jacks make manoeuvring vehicles around the workshop quick, safe and easy! The Ratcheting design is superior to hydraulic systems as it is significantly more durable, does not require annual hydraulic fluid replacement, does not blow seals, will not leak and can be stored on their side without the risk of air-lock. They are rated to handle up to 680kg per wheel making them suitable for use with most cars, 4WD’s and some light trucks. They are designed to fit tyres up to 330mm in width and have a foot-operated ratcheting mechanism that squeezes the roller-equipped support legs together to lift the tyre off the ground. The 360° swivel castors then allow you to move your vehicle in any direction with ease!An innovating feature of the Kincrome Ratchet Vehicle Positioning Jacks (VPJ) is the add-on stand accessory!Rather than being a standalone fixture that takes up valuable space in your workshop, the Kincrome stand is an add-on that turns one of your existing Kincrome Ratchet VPJ into the base of the stand which can hold 3 additional VPJ’s. This means that when the 4 x VPJ’s are in use, the stand accessory can be conveniently stored away without taking up floor space in your workshop!
Adjusting Range 285mm - 660mm
Pieces 5
Rated Capacity Each 684kg
Stand Weight 2.45kg
Warranty 2 Years
Wheel Capacity 330mm (13")
Weight (kg) 61.25
Convenient Stand for Storage
Mechanical Ratcheting
3-Section Steel Frame Construction
Plastic Rollers
4" Nylon Castors (2 x Swivel)

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